Online Solutions

In a lean economy, your company needs to be agile and you need to take every opportunity you have to connect with your current customers, and ensure you have strong product offerings or services to attract new customers.

Wether you are in a start up company or its time to refresh the old site, Molikul can help. One of the key components of what we do is provide you with a full back-end admin area so you can manage your own content. The tools allow you to edit text, photos, images or add pages using a simple wysiwyg format. If you need a little extra help, we are always here to do it for you. Our services provide email marketing campaigns, graphics, online promotional or analytics so you can measure your traffic patterns.

Branding & Marketing

Connecting with your client base is critical in today’s business environment. Having a strong marketing campaign and brand helps any company stay ahead of the competition. A new campaign or marketing makeover can offer the opportunity to stay current and help you appeal to a wider, or new audience.
For a start up, creative can be costly – but necessary to get rolling. Let the team at molikul help position your company or services in a cost effective way. Creating a logo, product management, marketing collateral all communicate your message to potential clients. It is that message and the feeling that it creates among your business audience that creates a brand. A brand can separate you from your competition, and keep you ahead of the game.

Business Development

You have a vision for your business but can’t quite seem to get the “now”, 2 -5 and 10-year plan. That is where Molikul comes in, becasue a idea is only as successful as its execution strategy. Our team can help you define your success by establishing a business plan, sorting the details, and then setting a path to put your plan in motion. You may just need to talk through it, or you may need the support along with way through marketing, positioning and online.

Sales is key, but relying completely on your sales team to fill the pipeline with no marketing support does not produce results or revenues. Determining your client base, reaching your client base, and then gaining your base is key.

Business development can also include your exit strategy or getting in place the plan for a 2-5 down the road scenario. Planning ahead can mean the difference in a sale, acquisition, or closure.